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Obviously this is going to be different from place to place, season to season and sex to sex but the main idea of comfort still stands out. “What ever you are comfortable in” is all well and good until you rock up and realize you stick out like a sore thumb, freak out, and have a bad time. Its happened! So a little bit of an outline as to common clothing and costumes.

Some people take the “dressing up” to the next level! Which is awesome and always fun to experience and be part of. For lack of being able to do this without type casting.. Im just gunna go for it.

“Hippies”- The environmentally aware of us who wear what they want! (As should everyone) The guys and girls in their fisherman pants, a comfy top from anywhere bearing no multinational corporation logos - that’s a no no, no one cares in the middle of the bush! Seriously, a good hemp or cotton anything never goes a stray! Good wearing, breathing, and looks dashing, also easy to modify yourself, bring a little self into your wardrobe!

There’s the faeries - wings being their accessory of choice. Color coded works of beautiful art. If that’s your thing, then so be it, go nuts and inspire us all with your creations of sewing, painting, op shopping, bargain hunting, what ever you are good at and don’t be offended when I stare at you in awe. We cant forget the nymphs, frixxies, pixies.. what ever other related creatures you want to be dressed as..

Make your own clothes if you want! Or if you cant do that, embrace your local community and find an alternate shop that sells someone elses creation, that doesn’t come with a “Made in China” tag. I wouldn’t suggest phat pants, as in ravewear, 1. because you don’t want to ruin your potentially quite expensive pants and 2. it’s not really well accepted at a doof, mainly because of the rave vs doof culture. Ive heard kids in phat pants on the dance floor with their glow sticks saying “this is the shittiest rave I’ve ever been to”, stuff like that doesn't go down well and isn’t really the way to go I suggest.

Wear something practical that you can dance in. Make sure you can squat without your pants ripping/falling off all together or anyone possibly seeing your bits if its a skirt – that’s for your own sake.

Take into consideration the TEMPERATURE! These things can get pretty cold in the wee hours of the morning even in summer so always bring the warmth! Thermal underwear can be very helpful, especially in winter [what to bring and how]

Footwear, however optional is sometimes necessary, esp at night for those romps off into the bushes after some pretty guiding light or creature you think you saw. Uggboots are my total and complete recommendation! Versatile, cheap, replaceable – for when you walk thru the dug out pit that everyone has been using as a toilet; and you can still feel the ground you are walking on through the sole yet its protecting enough for all those jagged bits. NO HEELS! Oh my goodness, I cant believe this happens. I don’t know about you but I’ve sure never gone hiking or bush walking in heels so I wouldn’t attempt it at a doof.

Always have spares.

The more neat, tidy, branded, shiny and new you look in this world.. the more you don’t fit in and I love that. --Jem'a'lems 22:56, 31 May 2009 (EDT)

Where to Buy

A wonderful place to get handmade doof suitable clothing is Etsy which supports small independent artists. Here's a nice place to start: Wildflower Under the Sun Designs